About Us

The Minimal Co.

How can we make skin care as useful, simple, effective, trustworthy and fun, for as many people as possible? That’s what we ask ourselves each day. That’s why you’re here, reading this self-aggrandising drivel.


Holy shit. Fun skin care?!


So much of skin care is intimidating, complicated and confusing. She wondered if it could all be a LOT simpler. Less stressful. If it could give people confidence, rather than strip them of it (and their cash.) Holy shit, it could even be FUN! Why shouldn’t looking after your skin be fun? After all, you’re gonna do it anyway. May as well enjoy it.

No faux-science or bullshit.

We are not interested in silly claims. Just good quality, useful, non-irritating skin care that you’ll like using, and your skin will love. That the products happen to smell, feel and look terrific is irrelevant. We take years to develop and perfect our formulations because we deeply believe skin care should do the opposite: nurture and protect the skin. And if you use our products on skin that IS pissed off? We have a lot of evidence that suggests you will enjoy the most unpissed off skin you have ever known.

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