5 reason to switch to a silk pillowcase

No one ever gave a thought on what kind of pillowcase we use, traditionally most  of us use cotton pillowcases. Cotton pillowcases soak up a lot of dirt and oil and then can clog your pores if you are not changing them on a regular basis. Cotton rubs with your hair and skin, the friction between causes your hair to frizz and could further lead to hair fall, the tugging also leads to sleep creases and skin wrinkles. Sounds crazy!! Also dirty pillows can cause breakouts on back and shoulder as well as cause wrinkles.



No more frizzy hair

Silk contains proteins that hair follicles need, creating a nourishing sleeping surface for all hair types.Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes friction between your skin and the pillow, which results in sleep creases. Friction from sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause hair breakage and bed hair; Thanks to silk’s super soft texture, hair moves smoothly over it without causing the friction that cotton does. This means that no matter how much you toss and turn, you’re much less likely to wake up to a bedhead of frizz, knots, and tangles.

 Anti aging

Silk doesn’t absorb moisture from your face, it can help keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong, on your face and hair. When you wake you wake up after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your face will be better hydrated. Hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer lines and wrinkles.Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes friction between your skin and the pillow, which results in sleep creases. Over time these sleep creases turn into permanent wrinkles. But with a silk pillowcase, crease lines don't exist. Since there is no friction, tugging or pulling with silk, your gorgeous face can glide effortlessly over the pillow all night.


The sericin contained in silk prevents the invasion of mites and dust efficiently. In addition, silk has a similar structure of human's skin, which makes silk bed linens wonderfully soft and anti-static. Silk pillowcases keep your skin and hair gorgeous and soft as no other pillowcases can. No more “sleep-crease” or a “sleep line” in the morning.

Keeps your skin healthy and acne free, retains moisture

Silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and will help your skin stay more hydrated than many fabrics on the market. Sleeping on silk is great option for helping your skin maintain its natural moisture. Save money on expensive moisturizing creams by retaining more moisture in your face to begin with, by sleeping on silk pillowcases.

Pure mulberry silk is composed of animal protein containing 18 essential amino acids, which is known for its effectiveness in skin nourishment and aging prevention. Most importantly, the amino acid is able to give out a special molecule substance which makes people peaceful and calm, promoting sleep throughout the night.

You deserve to feel like a supermodel!!

Sometimes we treat ourselves to a massage, a relaxing day at the beach or a quiet evening in the bathtub. Whatever your escape, laying your head to rest at night on a silk pillowcase is the perfect way to end your day. There is no better feeling then the soft, smooth and luxurious feel of silk against your skin when you go to bed at night. It is truly like having a massage every night.